In 1968 Metro Denver Partners was founded by a small group of business people and community volunteers in response to a growing rate of juvenile delinquency in Denver. Their goal was to provide youth with the discipline, maturity, and direction needed to prevent further involvement with the law and to become stable and productive members of the community.

We continue to work toward that goal and have expanded our range of programs to better serve at-risk youth. As a result of being matched with adult-volunteer mentors, our youth gain self-esteem and confidence, show higher achievement and take increased personal responsibility for their own actions.

“To date, Metro Denver Partners has served more than 16,500 youth!”

And the Partners Mentoring Association is now comprised of eight Partners affiliates across the state of Colorado.

Although many community leaders came together to make the program a success in those early years, two men: Bob Moffitt, a seminary student just out of the Peace Corps, and Bill Mitchell, a business leader, first developed the Partners model. In fact, Bob and his mentee Johnny coined the term “Partner” in reference to their mentor relationship, and it stuck. Bob and Johnny recently reunited at the Metro Denver Partners 40th anniversary celebration and continue their long relationship – both with white hair and more than 15 grandchildren combined.