bECOMING a Mentor

Volunteer Mentors (Senior Partners):

Adult volunteers mentors (Senior Partners) serve as friends, role models and advocates for youth between the age of 8-17 by spending time with them and taking an active interest in their well-being. Senior Partners provide support and understanding to their Junior Partner.  View the Senior Partner Description for more details. Mentors must be at least 21 years of age.

Application Process: 

  1. Information Session
    Information Sessions are held at our office twice a month. These sessions give an overview of our programs, the kids we serve, and what we ask of our mentors. We can schedule individual information sessions to accommodate your schedule. 
  2.  Application Materials
    A staff member will provide you with all the necessary materials at your information session, this includes:
    Senior Partner ApplicationReference Form,  and Finger Print Cards. Metro Denver Partners will also conduct a background & driving record check.
  3. Interview & Home Visit
    One of our Case Managers will conduct a one-on-one interview and a follow-up home visit

  4. Training
    Training provides Senior Partners with the tools they need to begin & sustain a relationship with their Junior Partner. 

  5. Match!
    Our Youth (Junior Partners)
    Boys* and girls between the ages of 8-17 are accepted into the program upon referral by their school counselors, social services, juvenile court or other human service agencies. Most of these youth are experiencing difficulties in school, at home, or with their peers. The youth participate in the program voluntarily, with parental/guardian support.

Once You're Matched:

  • Time Commitment
    Volunteers commit to a minimum of one-year, spending three (3) hours a week together.
  • Support
    A variety of services are offered to facilitate the relationship-building process. These include:

              Case Management - Each partnership is assigned a case manager who can answer any and all questions, and act as support to both the Senior and Junior Partner for the scope of the partnership. 

              Partnership Activities & Workshops - Monthly recreational activities and Life Skills activities.

              Access to special events, exhibits, and opportunities - ArtReach and our community actively support our partnerships by providing access to tickets for various types of events and opportunities.
  • Community Service
    Junior and Senior Partners are asked to do one community service project a year

“Being a Senior Partner has strengthened my ties to the local community. It's increased my awareness of the issues and opportunities presented to families that I had previously not considered, or been aware of.  Additionally, it has given me the opportunity to share some of my favorite activities and passions and see them through the eyes of a 13-year-old. The sharing goes both ways, and I have enjoyed doing many things I would never have dreamed of doing.” 
Jim Hannum, Senior Partner 

Contact Us Today:

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*At the moment, we are not accepting boys into the program.

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