Mentors Matter

For a few hours a week, a couple days a month, you can give a child the irreplaceable gift of your friendship. 

Have you ever thought of yourself as a mentor? The majority of our volunteers haven't either, but they are changing the lives of kids in Denver County every day.

All young people have the potential to succeed in life & contribute to society. However, not all children get the support they need to thrive; you can change that. Play a board game, make fun crafts, take a hike; just as your options are limitless, so is your mentee's potential.

Kids with Mentors are more likely to:

Have better attitudes towards school
Have higher self-esteem
Avoid risky behavior
Get along better with adults and peers
Have improved interpersonal skills
Hold leadership positions
Become a Mentor themselves
How It Works

Ready to become a mentor? Our mentors have fun and experience personal growth while participating in the Partners program.

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